Perfect Timing

Now is the optimum time to invest in solar

In the past, most renewable energy was an “idea for the future” that fiscally concerned organizations could not participate. In 2022, an almost perfect storm of timing, incentive programs, lowered costs, and funding mechanisms have made this the optimum time to address solar and other renewable generation systems. The time is now.


We allow schools to have an advantage

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Community Stewardship

We use the solar and renewable energy for purpose

Energy for Education

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Energy Development Funding Mechanisms

We allow schools to have a sustainable energy practice

With no money out of pocket, a school can have millions of dollars invested into an energy project through our “Energy for Education” development program. This program, “Energy for Education” allows schools committed to sustainable energy practices to have access to this energy generation program without paying for the project upfront or dealing with the liability of managing the solar array.

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What’s in it for you? (the organization)

We aim to help communities

Our focus is to truly help your community become sustainable and independent from the grid.  We are looking to help communities that are truly invested in wanting clean energy and all of its benefits.

GCE’s Role

We pay and manage the entire development

Solar is complicated, and it requires:

GCE pays for, and manages the entire development process with no money out of pocket to the school.

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