About Us

About Us

We focus on energy projects that are good for people, the planet, and profit

The Guaranteed Clean Energy (GCE) team is a group of fiduciary advisors specializing in efficiency, sustainability, and clean energy. We believe that by having an advisor on your side of the table providing the insight and experience needed, you can have a lasting impact on your energy infrastructure that goes well beyond your utility bills.

Comprised of project managers, engineers, and energy specialists we genuinely care about helping organizations. We focus on energy projects that are good for people, the planet, and profit. The GCE believes deeply in energy projects, as they are a combination of mind, nature, technological innovation, strategy, and working with a combined interest to make everyone better together.

Every project is guaranteed to be cash flow positive, making every project living proof of the power of successful energy projects to our communities. Imagine using energy that you no longer use to pay for the upgrades you always wanted, we do it every day, and it still excites us.

We specialize in advising customers in the education, municipality, and healthcare markets.

Talented Advisors

Trusted & Hardworking People

Andrew Bittner
CEO and Founder
Tom Means
Co-Owner and Chairman
Colin Bittner
Chief Operations Officer
Jonathan Uber
President of Operations & Sales